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The Five W's for Car Donation

Posted in Donate Car Minnesota News, Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Donating a car can seem like an overwhelming process if you are confused about how it works, but trust us - it is not as complex as it may seem! Car donation is a very simple, fast, and hassle-free process when handled by a reputable and organized foundation. We want to take the time now to answer some of the common big questions that people have about donating their vehicle.

Who: To whom am I donating my vehicle?

With Wheels for Wishes, the proceeds from your car, truck, van, or motorcycle (or RV, or boat, or plane...we take it all!) benefit Make-A-Wish®. Make-A-Wish® grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. Children who have been diagnosed and are enduring tremendous physical and emotional stress in their lives get to enjoy the escape that a wish offers. 9 out of 10 medical officials also agree that wish granting can help speed up and improve the medical treatment and recovery as well!

For more information on Make-A-Wish visit their website

What: What happens to my vehicle when it is donated?

After a vehicle is donated, we assess the condition of the vehicle based on miles, engine and physical shape. After determining a value for the car, the vehicle is sold at one of our many nation-wide auctions. We want to make sure the car sells for as much as possible. A car in good shape may be worth as much as granting a whole wish for a child!

When: When can I donate?

All hours! Between our call-center 1-866-920-0264 and our online donation form, no time is a bad time to donate your car!

Where: Where are you guys located?

Although our head office is based out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, we take donations in ALL states! The best part is that the proceeds from your donation then benefit your local Make-A-Wish chapter, so it serves children in your own community!

Why: Why should I donate my car?

Besides the feel-good benefits of a car donation, your car is 100% tax deductible. The process is hassle-free, pick-up is free, and we do all of the paperwork for you! No dealing with the stress of having to list an ad, meet with strangers, and negotiate prices for a good sale. We take care of all the dirty work for you and you get a deduction on your next tax return and bragging rights for your awesome deed!

How: Again just call us at 1-866-920-0264

Or you can donate online and help Share the Power of a Wish®!