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Happy National Nurses Week!

Posted in Donate Car Minnesota News, Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 6th marked the first day of National Nurses Week, which goes until May 12th (the birthday of the celebrated English nurse Florence Nightingale). In honor of nurses and all their hard (and at times underappreciated) work, we dedicated this week’s blog to the nurses of America!

Check out these interesting facts about nurses that testify to their invaluable contribution to all of our health!

    • Nurses make up the largest healthcare population with 3.1 million licensed registered nurses and about 2.6 million practicing nurses in the U.S.
    • Abraham Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, was a volunteer nurse
    • In 49 states, advanced practice nurses can prescribe medication to patients
    • National Nurses Week started in 1954 after President Eisenhower rejected a proclamation to make a "Nurse Day" during October. Although the "Nurse Day" was snubbed, the American Nursing Association (ANA) began observing "National Nurses Week" during October 11-16.
    • Nurses are more likely to donate organs than the general public in a study performed by the University of Connecticut
    • 79% of heath staff were organ donors compared to 51% of the public
    • In 1974, President Nixon recognized "National Nurses Week"
    • In a Gallup poll, Americans considered nursing the most trusted professions with 80% ranking nurses as having either "high" or "very high" in their ethics and honesty
    • The first person to hold a nursing diploma in the United States was Linda Richards in 1973
    • The recommendation for nurse-to-student ratios by the National Association of School Nurses is:
      • 1 in 750 in the general population
      • 1 in 250 in the mainstreamed population
      • 1 in 125 in the severely handicapped population

    Wheels for Wishes wants to give a huge thank you to all of the nurses out there and their amazing treatment of all Make-A-Wish children. Our car donation program wouldn't be where it is today without the recommendations and sacrifices made by America's nurses each day.

    Do you have a story or anecdote of a special nurse that has touched your life? Recognize their impact and hard work by sharing your story below or on our Facebook or Twitter page!