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10 Activities to Spend with Your Family on Mother's Day

Posted in Donate Car Minnesota News, Monday, April 23, 2012

Mother's day is just around the corner, and whether you are a mom yourself or are celebrating the fabulous women in your life, it is a day worth honoring. Check out our ideas for great ways to pay homage to the day, either with your mom or your own children.

1. Family Game Night

Your mom will surely appreciate a day that honors her by integrating the whole family, so grab everyone, pick teams, and break out the game chest!

2. Have a picnic

If the spring sunshine decides to greet us this year, hope in the car and take the family to the local park with a picnic basket packed full of sweets and treats. All you will need are some goodies, some games, and your family. It is a great, relaxing idea to be able to just enjoy each other's company and laughter in a cheap and laid back atmosphere.

3. Watch Family Videos

Take this holiday to reminisce and pull out the old family pictures and videos that gather dust. Though wallowing in nostalgia is never ideal, we do encourage gathering with your friends and family and laughing over shared fond memories.

4. Go for a Walk

Instead of driving your car to brunch, pick a restaurant nearby and walk there. It gives the family extra time to chat and saves on gas. If you find this form of transportation worthwhile, integrate it into your lifestyles beyond just special occasions. Instead of grabbing for the keys, grab your walking shoes. It creates time for some great talking time and is good for your heart. Who knows? Perhaps in a few months you will prefer this method of transportation so much, you'll decide to donate your car, junk or not!

5. Go Shopping

Shopping does not have to be about just the commerce, it is also a great way to take time out of a busy afternoon to spend with your mother and get to know her better. You will not only get to see her preferences, but shopping is a great time for conversing.

6. Pick Some Flowers

Instead of buying them from a store, find a flower patch and pick them alone or with your mom, children, and family. It will be a lot more meaningful to your mother knowing that it is handpicked versus coming from a store.

7. Get Pictures Taken

A great gift and activity is to take your mom to get pictures taken. You will have a gift that you not only get to treasure forever, but great shared memories of the photo shoot as well!

8. Help your Mom with her Spring cleaning

Jump in and help your mom with her cleaning. It may not make for the most glamorous day in the world, but your mom will appreciate it. You get to help her mark off the dreaded chore, and you get to spend good, quality time with her. Make sure to donate anything that can be reused.

9. Go Bowling

Another fun activity with either just mom or the whole family is hitting the lanes for a couple of rounds of bowling. It is a fun sport that allows for some great interaction and friendly competition!

10. Visit a Market

In many cities, the first few weeks of May also mean the opening of several of the local markets. Find one and head out- experience fresh local produce and other hand-made crafts often featured at such markets.

All of our suggestions are not only great ways to create new memories, but are affordable too. A special day with or to honor your mom and family does not have to break your budget.

Do you have any ideas that you did not see mentioned on the list? Make sure to leave a comment below or visit our Facebook page. We always love hearing your suggestions!

Give Back This Mothers Day

If you would like to help kids that are battling life threating illnesses we have a perfect way for you to help. If you have an unused vehicle you can donate it to Wheels For Wishes benefiting Make A Wish Wisconsin. All you have to do is call us at 1-866-920-0264 or fill out our online donation form. It’s as easy as that!